Autodesk Inventor based solution for furniture makers

Woodwork for Inventor is furniture design software that is fully integrated into Autodesk Inventor. When combined Autodesk Inventor and Woodwork for Inventor become a very powerful tool for furniture designers. It doesn’t matter if you are making kitchen furniture, cupboards or any other cabinetry. Woodwork for Inventor features will help you by automating information preparation for manufacturing, which is the most time-consuming part of the whole furniture design process. Moreover, automation will help you to remove space for potential costly errors, which appears because of the human factor. Using our woodworking software, designers have more time for creativity, enabling them to work more efficiently and accurately. Woodwork for Inventor software is available in English, French, German, Russian, Polish, Italian and Spanish languages.

We Suggest Woodwork for Inventor program if:

You produce complex furniture from different materials.

The design time take up the most of the total order lead time.

The majority of orders are original thus they need to be designed from scratch.

Few Features below:

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Size calculations of part and blank

Bill of Materials generator

iBox components

Automatic generation of mortises and tenons

Dressing up the skeleton body with boards

Multiplication arrangement of furniture hardware

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