ALPI (Applications Logiciels Pour l’Ingénierie), is the French leader specialized in the development of innovative software for the design of electrical installations. The group employs more than 75 people in 6 countries and generated revenues of more than €8 million in 2016. Backed by more than 30 years of experience in LV & HV distribution systems, our unique expertise lies in our comprehensive knowledge of the international standards applicable to electrical installations. ALPI enjoys privileged relationships with the major players in the market-place: equipment manufacturers, control authorities, electrical contractors and software companies. ALPI also supports its customers with additional services which include onsite training courses and technical support.

Cadgroup Australia is the official partner of ALPI since 2016. As a technical expert in design technologies for architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing businesses, the company is in charge of the promotion and distribution of our solutions and services. The offer includes Caneco software range as well as the BIMelec solution for the design and operation of electrical installations in BIM environments.

  • BIMelec Solution

    The BIMelec solution consists of a series of interconnected software that use and enrich the digital electrical model from its generic modelling to its detailed description. The BIMelec solution, via the Caneco software range, automatically responds to the different particularities of an electrical installation: i.e. the laying and routing of cables, the calculation and sizing of equipment and the diagram design.


  • Caneco BIM

    Application for the design and control of a digital electrical model.

    Caneco BIM is a Revit® application that provides electrical tools to control and validate electrical installation in a digital model. It enables the exchange of information between a Revit® project and the Caneco software range (i.e. cable cross-sections, protective devices, short-circuit currents, optimization of cable trays …). It enhances a project with all the required calculation results and technical documentation to build and operate an installation.

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  • Caneco Implantation

    Application for automated cable routing of a digital electrical model.

    Caneco Implantation is an AutoCAD® application that enables the implantation of electrical material in 2D or 3D. This plugin ensures the optimization of cable routing according to the previous cable cross-section calculations performed in Caneco BT. It also produces all the documents of the project (cable schedules, BOM/BOQ) and generates the cabling synoptic for LV (Low Voltage) and ELV (Extra Low Voltage) installations.

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  • Caneco BT

    Software for automated design of low voltage electrical installations.

    Caneco BT easily performs automated calculations and sizing of low voltage electrical installations, in compliance with the applicable international standards. It also produces the diagrams based on 3 dynamic data entry interfaces: network single-line diagram, board single-line diagram and spreadsheet. Caneco BT is a user friendly and reliable tool which avoids time consuming multiple entries and thus guarantees the integrity of data inputs. It enables the design of international projects thanks to the manufacturers’ material catalogs tailored to each country and to the multi-standard and multi-language options.

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