Software development is a blend of science and art, and it requires many skills-sets working together to get a good result. Customers come to Cadgroup Technical Team because they’ve tried running an internal development team (or worse, off-shored their projects) and not obtained a good result.

Many of our customers have been with us for 10-years or more because we keep our promises and we deliver outstanding business results.

  • Complex process automation.

  • System integrations, Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • Technical / Architecture Advice

Cadgroup understands off-the-shelf software can require multiple solutions to cover your whole business. These are unlikely to talk to each other properly, resulting error-prone and time-consuming manual handling. You also won’t be able to make truly informed business decisions that come from looking at all your data together, in one place. 

Cadgroup Technical Services data maps so records have a single point of truth and key reporting are integrated and streamlined.

Cadgroup Technical Services provides:

3rd Party Integration

Legacy Solution Migrations

Custom Report Writing

API, mapping – Data Hub design

API Development Service (plug-ins)

BI Reporting

Who does Cadgroup Technical Services support?

How do you realise a need for custom work, just look around your office.  Is your team double or triple handling work? How many spreadsheets are active to manage your business processes currently?

Customers searching for capable seasoned technicians with industry experience and proven project delivery can be assured Cadgroup Technical Services will correctly scope and deliver in the interest of business improvement and longevity of ROI.

Interested in our Technical Services?

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