Take targeted learning to the next level.

Help your team grow with robust assessments.

The KnowledgeSmart skills assessment system allows you to gauge employees’ and job candidates’ skills, identify areas for improvement, and automatically create personalized learning programs within the Pinnacle Series learning management system.

What can you expect?

Assess skills on top AEC & M software titles.

KnowldgeSmart is home to nearly 90 assessments that cover a broad range of software titles used by architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing firms, including Autodesk titles. Assessment results are then mapped to the Pinnacle Series learning management system to create a personalized learning journey for the user.

Save time & money on training.

With KnowledgeSmart, you don’t have to use valuable resources training employees on topics they’ve already mastered. Instead, assessment results are used to created personalized learning journeys that help close skills gaps efficiently.

Tools to maximize productivity.

KnowledgeSmart fuels a technology ecosystem to expedite employee integration and develop and deliver personalized, sustainable learning. Platform users have access to AEC assessments, more than 1,100 skill audit questions, customizable general surveys, and more, to help empower managers and employees alike.

Say goodbye to skill loss

We’ve all encountered it before: an employee leaves the organization, taking with them years of experience and skills that, potentially, nobody else at the company has. With KnowledgeSmart and Pinnacle Series, you can stay ahead of the curve and continuously assess and upskill employees, so they’re ready to step up in the event of an employee leaving.

Empower managers and bring teams together

Have an upcoming project that calls for a specific skill set? Assign your team KnowledgeSmart assessments to gauge their skill levels and identify the best fit for your new project team.

One Stop for all your learning.

Monitor Trends & Data Analytics

Gain insight into overall Pinnacle Series usage, monitor Learning Path progress or completion, and understand user engagement with the administrator dashboard.

You can also use the dashboard to gauge how new employees are progressing through onboarding, check the results of KnowledgeSmart assessments, and align skill sets between teams.

Custom Content Capabilities

Pinnacle Series comes loaded with thousands of learning resources to use right out of the box, but you also have the ability to edit existing content or upload completely fresh, custom content that reflects your best practices, standards and workflows. 

Drive Engagement

Make Pinnacle Series your single source of truth with live events, company news, and more. If it matters to your organization, users can find it in Pinnacle Series.

Manage Internal & External Teams

Pinnacle Series’ Work Groups feature allows you to create project teams and provide training content or standards all in one centralized location. External users like subcontractors or consultants can also be added to Work Groups.

Integrate with Your Tools

Pinnacle Series can fit in seamlessly with your existing tools with features like Active Directory syncing, single sign-on, and open API Access.

Our Customer Success Managers will guide you through the onboarding process to ensure Pinnacle Series integrates into your current systems without a hitch.

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