Premium Services

Premium Services

At Cadgroup, we understand correctly maintained software drastically improves business operations. Cadgroup Premium Services caters to the changing nature of customer needs.  Premium Services is designed for businesses requiring quick response times, working with Cadgroup software specialists that understand your business and working history with your team.

 This complementary service advocates for your business, reducing time and frustration so your team can focus on what they do best.

  • Quick response times to support fixes or configurations issues.

  • Provides a back-office support team without the overhead costs.

  • Specialised tools that provide insight and escalation of support requests

Few started a construction, design, or manufacturing business with a deep understanding of software solutions.  With the rapidly changing technology industry, keeping up with trend, how these changes will impact your business can be challenging. 

Cadgroup Premium Service gives your team access to Cadgroup resources to keep on top of your investment – continually optimising your business technologies to get the most out your investment.

Cadgroup Premium Services provides:

Client portal to enter / escalate / track support tickets

Discount on service hourly rate

Commitment to quick turn-around

Access to your preferred service technician for on-going development

Who does Cadgroup Premium Services support?

Customers that have been implemented by Cadgroup or those businesses that have come to Cadgroup for deeper service and support. Once your software solution is in place, Cadgroup Premium Services supports post GoLive (stability periods) or ongoing development of business solutions and workflows.  

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