FARO Scanning Hardware

3D Scanners. Solutions for Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Packaging Design and 3D Documentation.


3D Scanners. Solutions for Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Packaging Design and 3D Documentation.

Quantum Max FaroArm® Series

What if you could capture every measurement of a complex part, tool or mold just by touching it? You can — with the Quantum Max FaroArm, the world’s leading portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Leaders in aerospace, machining, assembly and the auto industry rely on the FaroArm portable CMM to easily capture precise measurements on the shop floor and in the field, even in extreme temperatures.

Gage Max FaroArm®

Performing inspections with traditional hand tools is time-consuming and creates clutter on the shop floor. The Gage Max FaroArm transforms the process, allowing machine shops and small production lines to meet even the most demanding quality specifications with one efficient, sleek, rugged coordinate measuring machine (CMM). The Gage Max FaroArm portable CMM sets up in seconds and delivers precision measurements for quick comparison against nominal CAD data.

FARO Scan Arm

FARO® Quantum Max ScanArms

Sometimes a part or tool is so complex, you can’t use contact probes to capture all of its measurements. But lasers do the job with exceptional speed and accuracy. In these cases, leading manufacturers rely on the FARO Scan Arm, which combine the measurement capabilities of a Quantum Max FaroArm® portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) with the non-contact functionality of a laser line probe. The Quantum Max also offers three LLPs that optimize accuracy, speed or a blend of both, depending on project need. Whichever LLP you choose, The FARO Scan Arm captures precise measurements in nearly any environment, from the factory floor to the field.

FARO® Focus Laser Scanners

Capturing the measurements of a large object or building with conventional documentation methods can take days or weeks, and even then the data might contain errors or missing details. But FARO Focus Laser Scanners create accurate, complete and photorealistic 3D images of any environment or object in just a few minutes. With their intuitive touch screen and compact design, these FARO Focus 3D scanners are as easy to operate as a digital camera — with built-in protection from dirt, dust, fog, rain and heat/cold.

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