Bluebeam Revu 21 Cloud Solutions 

In construction it’s not about just working in an office, sometimes we must work onsite, in another state, at home, or in a chosen area for review. Bluebeam has an […]

Bluebeam Revu 21 | Jumping Into the Org admin portal

With Bluebeam Revu 21 taking the spotlight with new features and toolsets, we must ask the question can users master their own licenses? What is the org admin portal? The […]

Cadgroup releases 2023 versions of Cadgroup.XT.

Cadgroup is proud to announce the updated 2023 versions of Revit.XT, AutoCAD.XT and Civil3D.XT The new versions are of course compatible with the latest release of their respective software and […]

CHAOS: Chaos V-Ray updates for 3DS Max, Sketchup and Rhino.

| Srikar Revanur |
CHAOS V-RAY 6.2 UPDATES FOR RHINO, 3DS MAX AND SKETCHUP Chaos V-Ray is designed to produce high-quality, photorealistic 3D visuals which gives further texture and detail to building structures. To […]

Bluebeam Revu 21 | Wonders of the Tool Chest

| Srikar Revanur |
                     Bluebeam Revu 21 | Wonders of the Tool Chest When we have a lot of files to present at meetings, […]

Bluebeam | eBook- Site Logistics

| Srikar Revanur |
How Technology Bolsters Site Logistics E-Book | Cadgroup In the actual process of increasing your site logistics engagement, technology has a key role to play. Digital tools can deliver a […]

How to Cut Estimating Costs in Half?

| Himani Mahajan |
How to Cut Estimating Costs in Half?  Doing More with Less, Data Management Plan for Cost Estimators Saves Buckets of Time while Improving Team Engagement. If you have been in […]

CHAOS – Enscape for Mac is here!

| Srikar Revanur |
CHAOS- ENSCAPE FOR MAC HAS ARRIVED! As you know, Enscape has been suited to Windows since its creation. The graphics and design capacity that Enscape features has broadened the horizons […]

A new Era: Chaos and Enscape merger brings a new beginning.

| Srikar Revanur |
ENSCAPE | CHAOS MERGER- WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR OUR CUSTOMERS Since January 11th   this year Enscape and Chaos have combined their brands and efforts to become a stronger and […]

New ways to manage your hard drive space with the Autodesk Desktop Connector

Disc Space – the ongoing battle: A lot of us are struggling with rapidly filling hard drives. Operating Systems and Applications are getting bigger on every release and, on top […]

Besties for Life: Autodesk Construction Cloud and the Autodesk Desktop Connector

If you are embarking on any Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) or Autodesk BIM360 Projects – either as a Host of a Project on your own Hub, or as a Guest […]

Bluebeam | Ebook – Economic Uncertainty

| Srikar Revanur |
EBook: “How Construction Technology Can Help Amid Economic Uncertainty” | Cadgroup- Bluebeam  When times are challenging, it’s the companies that innovate and invest that perform the best. Construction technology can […]

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