Whether your organization is challenged to cultivate a learning culture, capture and share internal knowledge, reduce error rates, boost productivity, or satisfy safety and compliance requirements, we’d like to welcome you to the smart road to success.

More than just a training tool.

The core of the Pinnacle Series e-learning system is its comprehensive expert-developed content catalogue, covering a wide range of AEC and manufacturing software and topics. Inside, you’ll find thousands of training videos, documents, learning paths, and other resources, enabling both long-term employee training and on-demand problem-solving.

What can you expect?

Comprehensive training

Pinnacle Series offers a vast library of tutorials, videos, and resources for various software and technologies, enhancing our clients’ skills and productivity.

On-Demand Learning

Users can access training materials whenever and wherever they need them, allowing for self-paced learning.

Improved Productivity

By increasing proficiency in the software they use, Pinnacle Series will help our clients streamline processes, reduce errors, and ultimately improve efficiency.

Tailored Content & Performance Support

Pinnacle Series customises its content to align with our clients’ industry, projects, and individual roles, ensuring that the information is relevant and applicable to their work. It provides real-time help, guidance, and support as clients work, making problem-solving and knowledge acquisition easier.

Designed For Every Industry.

Pinnacle Series for AEC

More than just another architecture, engineering,
and construction training resource — Pinnacle your
trusted partner in improving learning, knowledge
sharing, collaboration, efficiency, and productivity
throughout your organisation.

Pinnacle Series for Manufacturing

Eagle Point Software has been a trusted leader in learning for almost four decades. With the Pinnacle Series learning management system, we provide your team with the resources they need to stay ahead of the competition, along with exceptional support and customer service.

Stay up to date with your industry.

All content is created by engineers, architects, and industry experts who use this software and are well-equipped to pass their knowledge on to others.

EaglePoint is an authorized publisher of training materials for Autodesk products. Thanks to this quality training content combined with robust learning features, Pinnacle Series e-learning system can help your company achieve these objectives and more:

  • Greater efficiency and productivity
  • Less time wasted on ineffective training events
  • Professional growth for employees
  • Higher employee retention rates
  • Happier clients and fewer project errors
  • Meaningful company growth

Make it your own

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