Autodesk Build for Project Management

Autodesk Build for Project Management

Drive designs forward with automated and connected workflows, includes industry-specific toolsets and AutoCAD web and mobile apps.

Connect data, workflows and teams.

Construction management software for field execution and project management that empowers you to seamlessly collaborate and deliver construction projects on time, on budget.

Avoid Risk,
Reduce Rework.
All in one toolkit.

Construction Project Management Toolkit

The Toolkit includes:

Template RFIs

Template Submittals

Ebook PM Software

Reducing Rework

“For a typical construction project that experiences 20% rework, reinvested saved hours can result in a massive $2 million savings.”

Skanska Report

Simplify communications.
Use your data. Avoid rework.

How are you handling RFI’s and Submittals? Without a streamlined process, it’s an uphill battle facing rework and causing extended delays.

This means trouble for teams, workflows, and project financial health.

Start today. Get a template. See it in action.

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