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10% off on your annual Enscape or V-Ray license + 30 exclusive assets at the value of 199 Euro. For New customers only!

Chaos’s Big Bundle offer: get 20% off on your second Chaos product to connect your archviz workflows with Enscape & V-Ray. Buy an annual V-Ray Premium or annual Enscape floating license to claim your offer!

The power of interoperability

Everyone wants more. Designers want more realistic designs. Archviz artists want to work faster and collaborate more effortlessly. And we all want more efficient workflows. And with Chaos visualization tools, you can have it all. We’ve made it easy to work across multiple software platforms, so collaboration is smooth and easy.

How does it work?

Chaos has enhanced the interoperability of their visualization tools, such as Enscape, V-Ray, Vantage, through a standardized Chaos projects file format, .vrscene. This neat little package contains all model information, including assets, lights, and materials, enabling easy transfer of design projects between CAD tools such as SketchUp, Rhino, Revit, and DCC software including 3ds Max and Cinema 4D. With this cross-compatibility, you’ll experience advanced visualization capabilities with V-Ray, accelerated architectural design, and seamless workflows between architectural designers and artists across the AEC industry.

Who benefits from this?


Architectural designers

Enhance the quality of your renders.
Real-time solutions are excellent for continual design and fast iterations. With Chaos’ interoperability, architectural designers can:

● Access advanced visualization by transitioning from our real-time rendering

solution Enscape to our photorealistic rendering tool V-Ray within SketchUp, Rhino, or Revit.

● Enhance your scenes with precise lighting, perfect materials, and 4,500+ high-quality assets from our Chaos Cosmos library.

● Or simply export a .vrscene using the .vrscene (Beta) export from Enscape and transfer it to a viz specialist without losing your design ideas.

Enscape Revit

Visualization specialists

Accelerate workflows, and preserve design intent. With Chaos’ visualization tools being interoperable, artists using our photorealistic solution V-Ray can:

● Collaborate more effectively with Enscape designers and help them in their
visualization efforts.

● Reclaim time spent recreating designs and focus more on creative work.

● Use the .vrscene importer (Beta) to import complete Enscape models directly
into your 3ds Max or Cinema 4D project, maintaining visual accuracy.

● Then, continue refining the project with V-Ray and add creative flair without
disrupting the original design intent.
For V-Ray users who require an immersive experience and faster design iterations,

Chaos Vantage is the ideal companion tool. Offering high-quality visualization in
real-time, it removes the necessity for intricate setups and guarantees authentic
lighting and rendering via 100% ray tracing.

Architecture firms

Dealing with different visualization vendors on the same project creates numerous challenges, such as compatibility issues, inconsistent visualization quality and style, and higher costs. With Chaos’ complete stack of interoperable visualization solutions, architecture teams can:

● Accelerate workflows by making use of real-time to photorealistic options to empower faster design iterations.

● Collaborate effortlessly on design projects from start to finish.

● Consolidate their visualization needs with Chaos and eliminate the need for costly subscriptions across different vendors.

● Maintain consistent quality and style across all your projects.

● Eliminate the headaches of juggling multiple visualization tools and vendors.

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