Why choose another CAM software when you have Fusion 360

Fusion 360 & Solidworks

Create breakthrough innovations 

Flexible 3D CAD

With a 3D design and modelling platform, engineer products with a comprehensive set of modelling tools, including direct, surface, parametric, mesh, and freeformmodelling.

Integrated CAD/CAM

Design to manufacture capabilities makes it easy to program CNC machines to produce high-quality CNC machined parts, using simplified controls for high-efficiency roughing, adaptive clearing, and tool  orientation.

Unified PCB design

Leverage schematic design, PCB layout, and routing capabilities to bring your designs to life. Save valuable design time with a full-featured schematic design capture, PCB manufacturing, and a component PCB library with ready-to-use parts.

Seamless 3D simulation

Test your designs to ensure they will survive real world conditions. Digital, cloud-based tools allow you to simulate your products, reducing the cost of prototyping. Set up multiple studies to gain insights on finite element analysis through exploration.

Customer Stories


Analogous produces a limited run of bespoke brass camera baseplates using Fusion 360 and a CNC machine.


Moose Toys uses Fusion 360 to prototype, design, and make the highly successful Magic Mixies toy line.

Additional capabilities that are included when Fusion 360 base is combined with a subscription to the Fusion 360 Simulation Extension