Advance Steel – Create a Detail Callout on a General Arrangement Drawing

So you have an Intersection camera setup on a grid, and you have created the drawing using that camera. Now you need to put a detail drawing of a connection on the same drawing.

How do we add a detail of this connection in Advance Steel?

Create another Camera, but we limit the view with clipping. These clips front and back, and on the sides allow us to reduce the detail to just the connection we want displayed.

I recommend that you give the Camera a Description, as this is automatically used by Advance Steel to name the view.

Then choose a Process to take the selected camera and generate a drawing.

However, instead of putting it on a new drawing, click the + button to add this detail to an existing drawing.

You can then use the options on the Labels & Dimensions Tab, and the Parametric Views Panel to either Scale or Move the Detail.

And here it is!