Carlisle Homes Case Study

For construction firms, keeping pace with the latest design and drawing technology is essential to stay up with the competition. The building services market is huge in Australia, and businesses must have the tools to meet the evolving needs of modern customers.

For Victoria-based volume builder Carlisle Homes, making the transition from 2D to 3D drawing technology was an inevitable step, but one that had the potential to cause significant disruption. To ensure that change went smoothly, development drafting manager at Carlisle Homes, Matthew Bishop enlisted the help of Cadgroup.

Our case study – Transitioning from 2D to 3D Made Simple with Autodesk Revit – details the journey Matthew and Carlisle Homes took to modernise the business.

Support at all stages of the transition

Having already selected Autodesk Revit as the ideal software solution for his team, Matthew was looking for a trusted partner to guide them through the process. It wasn’t enough to simply purchase off-the-shelf software and integrate it, Carlisle was seeking a more end-to-end solution, one which Cadgroup had the skills and experience to deliver.

“They don’t just supply you with the software – it’s the whole package,” Matthew said. “It goes all the way from hardware, software integration, training and into backend support, software support, hardware support.”

Working closely with Cadgroup, Carlisle Homes has established software solutions to take them into the future. With Autodesk Revit integrated into their business processes and the support of an experienced and highly skilled team of experts, Matthew is confident that his team will remain at the forefront of building practices and technology.

Be sure to download our case study to read more about Cadgroup’s partnership with Carlisle Homes, and contact us for further details about Autodesk Revit.