Bluebeam Revu 21 | Wonders of the Tool Chest

When faced with numerous files to present, alter, and recreate during meetings, it’s common to feel stressed and unfocused, leading to difficulties in locating essential tools. Bluebeam’s® Tool Chest proves to be invaluable in such scenarios, simplifying markup tasks and saving both time and money. This feature enables you to securely store frequently used markups, ensuring easy access whenever needed.

What is the Tool Chest?

Much like packing a toolbox tailored for a specific job site, Bluebeam’s Tool Chest® acts as a digital organizer for pre-drawn objects and groups, allowing you to arrange them into tabs for convenient future access. This feature not only enables you to categorize your tools but also provides flexibility by letting you create subfolders to further refine your organization. Moreover, you have the freedom to adjust the order of saved objects within folders simply by dragging and dropping them into place, ensuring seamless workflow management.

How does the Tool Chest benefit Me?

While having your own storage unit might not sound particularly groundbreaking in today’s software landscape, the Tool Chest function in Bluebeam offers distinct advantages. One of its key perks is the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts for the markups you use most frequently, allowing you to tailor your Tool Chest to suit your specific needs. Since not everyone employs the same tools for their markups and content creation, this personalized approach enhances efficiency.

In terms of the tools themselves, they can encompass either a single markup or a group of markups, retaining their respective properties when added to your Tool Chest. What’s especially convenient is that the structure of your tool set remains unchanged even if you switch to another profile. This means that regardless of any profile adjustments made by higher-ups in your company, you can maintain your own Tool Chest with the items essential to your workflow, without anyone else being able to alter it.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to arrange your toolset within the bundle you’ve created, particularly useful if you primarily utilize one tool over others. Additionally, scaling can sometimes be tricky, but with the Tool Chest, you now have the capability to draw markups to the exact scale required, further enhancing precision and accuracy in your work.

Making My Own Tool Chest

If you ever find yourself using the same several markups over and over again, try putting them in my tools you’ll have a tool chest that’s unique to you that even your Bluebeam Admins can’t even edit, plus you’ll get your keyboard shortcuts if you are able to master that level. 

My tools can be found at the top of the tool chest tab. If you don’t see it, click on the tool chest dropdown, then click on My Tools.

The tool chest is what makes Bluebeam Revu really show its potential when it comes to in-site work-based operations or even when preparing the paperwork. Guaranteed to cut your time. Allowing you to be able to effectively handle this task within a short amount of time. 

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