Fine-Tune Your Vault Searches with the Search Slop Factor

Fine-Tune your Vault Searches with the Search Slop Factor

What is ‘The Slop Factor’. The “search slop factor” determines how many positions can occur between any two terms in your search phrase and still be considered a match. These positions range from an exact match of your search string to a number of combinations of this string.

The “slop” is an edit-distance, where the distance units are the number of moves the tokens in the query phrase can shift out of position and still be captured in the search. For example, to switch the order of two words in your search requires two moves. The first move places the words atop one another, and the second move re-orders them. So, to permit re-orderings of search strings with two words or tokens, the slop must be set to at least 2.

In simple terms, the slop factor decides how out of order search tokens are permitted to be before they are excluded from search results. By default more exact matches are given precedence, but the total number of search results can be directly affected by this value.

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