Latest news about the WIN10 Creator Update:

The Microsoft 10 Fall Creator’s update has just rolled out on to Windows PC’s worldwide. Depending on your Windows update settings, this may have already installed itself or it may be sitting  in your notifications tray waiting for you to install it.

For the great majority of users, this update won’t cause in issues but we have had some customers report issues specifically with Revit this week. Generally the symptom is that Revit will open but then crash. Autodesk has not yet made a formal response to this issue so anyone approaching them directly for support may be instructed to uninstall and reinstall the software.

The culprit has been identified as the Webroot anti-virus software. It seems to be taking issue with the user writing into system folders

As of Monday, Webroot has created a patch to fix the issue. An updated full-build with the fix will be released in early December.

Please see this support page if you  are using Webroot and you are experiencing any new issues with your software: