Vault 2021 – Navisworks Previews

Calling all Navisworks + Vault users – a new feature in Vault 2021 is the ability to preview Navisworks files in Vault!

You may know that Vault generates a DWF visualisation file for most CAD applications – DWG’s, Inventor files, even Solidworks and Microstation files. These DWF files are the ones used in the Preview tab of Vault – enabling you to quickly see the contents of the file. However, previous versions of Vault didn’t have the capability of generating DWF files for Navisworks NWF, NWC, and NWD files.

Vault 2021 (specifically the 2021.0.1 Update) is now capable of generating DWF files from NWF, NWC and NWD files.

Note though that the Vault add-in for Navisworks 2021 won’t generate the DWF file on check-in, so you’ll need to generate the DWF file via the Update button on the Preview tab. You’ll need to have a copy of Navisworks Manage 2021 on your machine to generate the preview, but once the preview has been generated then any user that has the Vault Client will be able to see the generated preview.

If you’re updating the DWF file via the Job Processor, you’ll need a copy of Navisworks Manage on the Job Processor machine to enable the Job Processor to create the DWF:

Remember, you’ll need to install the 2021.0.1 Update for this to be enabled.