Windows 10 – the official word from Autodesk (to date).

Many Windows users are getting a notification on their PC’s telling them they can get a free upgrade to WIN10.

Autodesk like all software vendors are working to test the software to identify any issues and working towards a resolution to them. Autodesk has also indicated that 2017 will be fully compatible with WIN10.

Autodesk will only be evaluating software with the release dates between 2013-2016 in line with previous usage subscription. Notifications will be issued on the Autodesk website as testing is completed (see link at very end of this post).

Some core products, service packs have already been created to address issues that have been identified (AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2016, Inventor 2016 for example). In addition to this, Autodesk has indicated that it in compatible products, there may still be issues during the installation. Their solution is shown here:

Given the potential of issues when using WIN10, our general advice is that if you are running an existing PC and are thinking of upgrading from WIN7 or WIN 8, our recommend is to hold off until you  see a notification from Autodesk or until 2017 versions are released if possible.

With regards to buying a new laptop or PC, I did a random poll of new systems on a number of small and large hardware vendor’s websites – of hardware vendors most systems had an option of WIN7 or WIN 8 and of those offering WIN10, this was offered as an option rather than the default. We suggest taking the option of WIN7 were possible and make sure you nominate WIN7 as your operating system.

For a general overview please read here: