Discover the difference a world-class Learning Management system can make.

Big learning potential for smaller teams.

Pinnacle Lite is an e-learning solution offering a scaled-down version of our flagship Pinnacle Series system. Pinnacle Lite requires less setup and customization, making it the ideal choice for small or mid-sized companies in need of learning resources for teams of 25 people or fewer.

What can you expect?

Supercharge efficiency.

With Pinnacle Lite, your team doesn’t have to spend hours searching for answers online or risk making an error if the content they find ends up being inaccurate. Instead, they can find answers in seconds with Pinnacle Lite’s robust search feature and comprehensive libraries of expert-created AEC & M learning content.

Save time & money on training.

With the Pinnacle Lite e-learning solution, your organization no longer has to spend money and time on in-person training events your team may or may not remember once they’re done. 

Reliable, up-to-date content

Pinnacle Lite’s e-learning content libraries are packed with thousands of on-demand videos, documents, and workflows covering the top AEC & M skills and software your team relies on every day. Since it’s a cloud-based solution, your team can access content for quick answers or longer-term learning whenever and wherever.

Level up skills with Learning Paths

The content team curates Learning Paths that focus on single topics and provide relevant courses, videos, documents, quizzes, data sets, and workflows. Just find the learning path on the skill you want to improve and set off on a comprehensive learning experience.

Leverage internal experts with live events

Manage all internal training in one place with the ability to schedule, manage, and track live training events led by your organization’s subject matter experts. Pinnacle Series users also have access to weekly live training events led by the Eagle Point Software content team.

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