Vault implementation means a transition to a new secure workspace where a huge amount of CAD Data should be moved and properly organised.

Current Challenges

Current practices of manual data migration is time consuming and technically challenging. Cadgroup identifies this as a challenge to numerous businesses and we provide assistance to our clients with uploading existing CAD Data to Vault. We provide the solution through Cadgroup’s unrivalled Vault Data Migration Service.

Cadgroup Services

The Vault Data Migration Service is based on a unique software toolset that is exclusively available to Cadgroup.

It provides flexible automation to address typical Data Migration challenges and demonstrates up to 20x times higher performance comparing to traditional processes.


Create order from design file chaos

Centralize the storage of engineering data and documentation, improve collaboration, and control development processes.

Seamless Autodesk CAD integration

Autodesk Data Management software are tightly integrated with more than 30 Autodesk design applications.

Find data quickly

When you reduce the time it takes to find and organize data, you can spend more time designing and less time searching.

Revision management

Audit and track the revision history of your data files from a single location. Reduce design and manufacturing errors by securely releasing and tracking files throughout the design cycle, helping make sure that team members access the correct version of data.

Automated release and change processes

Manual processes for release and change can lead to design project delays and shop-floor errors. Autodesk Vault Professional software gives design teams the choice of standard or configurable processes for release and engineering change order management, helping them avoid costly mistakes and remove process bottlenecks.

Rapidly copy and reuse data

Save hours of design time when you stop manually recreating or duplicating complex models and drawing sets. Using Autodesk data management software, you can copy a digital prototype, including all related files and documentation, for use in a new design. It’s easy to configure the files you want to replace, reuse, or copy.

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