Vault data management software helps designers and engineers organise design data, manage documentation and track revisions and other development processes.

Why do you need it?

As collaboration among multi-site entities increases, many manufacturers face an enormous challenge in securely managing design data, while also enabling critical information to be accessible anytime and anywhere.

Digital models generate vast amounts of design data that provide a more complete, accurate, and informative view of products and projects. Meanwhile, increasing organisational and project complexity is creating an even greater demand for clear visibility into workflows and processes.

With an increasingly mobile workforce, teams need access to information across the project lifecycle wherever they are – at their desks or in the field. These challenges have made the implementation of collaboration and data management solutions a top priority for many organisations.

At Cadgroup Australia we recognise the impact this could have upon business continuity. We provide an award winning support team and year of experience to address these needs, to keep your systems functioning at their optimum level.

Cadgroup Service Offerings
Services Standard Service Platinum Service
Award Winning Technical
check check
1hr Initial response time
 check  check
Priority Autodesk Escalation
 check  check
Live remote sessions
•Server Support
•Workstation support
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Cadgroup Assigned Site
Configuration mentoring
Quarterly Systems Check
Bi-Annual Workflow Check
Up to 8 hours per annum, either
on site or remote access to resolve any issues.
Standard Service

Cadgroup Australia’s Award Winning Support
Cadgroup is widely recognised as providing the best, most professional after-sales supportand in the most efficient possible manner. Cadgroup’s outstanding service was recognisedby Autodesk through the 2011 Technical Support and Customer Satisfaction awards.The complexity and innovation of design software is rapidly proliferating and the level of proficiencyrequired of the Support Department has become more important than ever.

1 Hr initial response time
Because we recognise a vault implementation is a Business Critical system, customers with Vault Support get the highest level of response from the Cadgroup support team. We guarantee that within 1 Hr of raising a mission critical issue, Cadgroup technical support will have started the initial contact to coordinate our appropriate technical resources to your problem.

Priority Autodesk escalation service
With our strong knowledge base we are able to quickly identify when a problem requires some alternative action and we can rapidly escalade these issues using our extensive net-works within Autodesk

Remote Live Session: Server Support
Using the Cadgroup net support software, you can give temporary control of your desktopto our support consultants for quick and efficient troubleshooting and problem resolution.

Remote Live Session: Workstation Support
Through the Cadgroup remote access software we will be able to resolvemost workstation issue relating to Vault and make any necessary adjustmentsto the workstation configuration to help the user work faster and more efficient

Platinum Service

Cadgroup Assigned Site manager
Cadgroup will assign your own personal site manager. It will be your Site Manager’s responsibilityto understand your business requirements in regard to vault and make sure to keepyour various strategic staff aware of new developments that could impact your Vault solution

Configuration Assistance/liaison to Vault Administrator
Direct assistance to Vault administrators in the configuration process that would help them save time when Configuring Autodesk Data Management Server and Managing a Remote File Store.

Configuration Assistance/liaison to IT Manager
Cadgroup helps IT Managers in a number of areas that may include:
– Autodesk Data Management Server- SQL Server
– Windows Firewall- Microsoft IIS
– Troubleshooting using the Autodesk Server Diagnostics Tool

Quarterly Systems Check
Cadgroup will provide quarterly system checks to help you maintain and enhance best prac-tices and analyse the system performance in order for you to gain the maximum out of the software

Bi-Annually Workflow Check
Cadgroup will provide bi-annual workflow checks to help your business get thebest out of vault by analyzing your vault users methods and workflows in order foryou to gain the maximum out of the software

Discount on Cadgroup Consultancy / Vault upgrade
As a valued Cadgroup customer, a Cadgroup Platinum vault support contract entitles you to afurther 10% discount on our Autodesk consultancy rates which can be utilised for your Vault Upgrade

Up to 8 hours per annum, either on site or remote access to resolve any Vault issues.