Vault data management software helps designers and engineers organise design data, manage documentation and track revisions and other development processes.

Why do you need it?

As collaboration among multi-site entities increases, many manufacturers face an enormous challenge in securely managing design data, while also enabling critical information to be accessible anytime and anywhere.

Digital models generate vast amounts of design data that provide a more complete, accurate, and informative view of products and projects. Meanwhile, increasing organisational and project complexity is creating an even greater demand for clear visibility into workflows and processes.

With an increasingly mobile workforce, teams need access to information across the project lifecycle wherever they are – at their desks or in the field. These challenges have made the implementation of collaboration and data management solutions a top priority for many organisations.

At Cadgroup Australia we recognise the impact this could have upon business continuity. We provide an award winning support team and year of experience to address these needs, to keep your systems functioning at their optimum level.

Standard Inclusions
Cadgroup Australia’s Award Winning Support
  • Cadgroup is widely recognised as providing the best, most professional after-sales supportand in the most efficient possible manner. Cadgroup’s outstanding service was recognisedby Autodesk through the 2011 Technical Support and Customer Satisfaction awards.The complexity and innovation of design software is rapidly proliferating and the level of proficiencyrequired of the Support Department has become more important than ever.
Priority Autodesk escalation service
  • With our strong knowledge base we are able to quickly identify when a problem requires some alternative action and we can rapidly escalade these issues using our extensive net-works within Autodesk
Remote Live Session: Server Support
  • Through the CADGROUP remote access software we will be able to resolve most workstation issues relating to Vault and make any necessary adjustments to help the user work faster and more efficient. Doing this remotely allows for a much-quicker response time, and because you can see real-time all the changes being made, it becomes a mentoring session as well.
Role-based Vault
  • Vault implementations cover a wide range of areas from CAD Management, IT Management and end-user workflows. Our support team is equipped to support these areas with their specific requirements:
    • CAD Managers - We support the CAD Manager with workflow recommendations to make the operation of the CAD office more efficient by using the appropriate features and technologies in data management.
    • End-users - We support end users as they deal with the day-to-day challenges of working in the front lines. From troubleshooting to how-to questions, our support enables the end users to spend less time worrying about data management and more time working on the important stuff.
    • IT Managers - We support IT managers in various areas relating to the efficient operation of the Vault server within their specific IT environment. From configuration changes to deployment issues, our support team assists the IT team in all the behind-the-scenes operations that make Vault operate smoothly.

Cadgroup Service Offerings
Unlimited 10x5 Phone & Team Viewer Support (9:00AM - 7:00PM AEST):
These sessions are intended to assist CAD Managers/Administrators in the day-to-day operation of Vault, and may include short mentoring and troubleshooting sessions typically less than 1 (one) hour in duration. Phone support is not meant for Vault configuration changes or consulting work.
Vault Health Checks (bi-annual):
Vault performance checks and checks on health of backups and SQL databases.
Vault Configuration Review (bi-annual):
One-on-one review (remote session) with Vault administrator to go over any persisting Vault issues and recommend plan of action.
Pro-active Monitoring:
Monitoring of Vault database health and backup status – in the event of a backup failure, CADGROUP will notify the customer and work with the IT team to resolve the issue.
Disaster recovery review (annual):
Restore a backup onto a test environment (customer provided) to check validity of backup.
CADGROUP assigned Site Manager:
CADGROUP will assign your own personal site manager whose has an understanding of your specific business requirements in regard to Vault and make sure to keep you aware of new developments that could impact your Vault solution.
Enhanced 1-hour response time:
CADGROUP will respond to your Vault support queries within one (1) hour.
Consulting hours included (remote only):
Can be used for Vault upgrades, service pack installations, or implementing health check recommendations or configuration review results.
Up to 2 hoursUp to 4 hoursUp to 8 hoursUp to 12 hours

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