CHAOS | Enscape, Corona & Vray: See what you’ve been missing and save 23%

Do you ever find yourself longing to return to the efficiency and precision of 3D rendering tools for your projects? Perhaps you ponder the potential of incorporating them into future endeavors or even just shaking up your current process. Experience accelerated workflows with Chaos, V-ray, Corona, and Enscape, elevating realism to new heights. And now, there’s an added incentive: a generous 23% discount when you rejoin.

What’s new in V-Ray

● Faster .vrscene export
● Even more accurate reflections
● Faster animation rendering with V-Ray GPU
● New and improved materials (distance texture, emissive materials, and more)
● V-Ray Frame Buffer improvements (chromatic aberration effect, custom background layer, and more)
● Complex geometry pattern creation with V-Ray Enmesh
● Improved viewport materials for SketchUp
● Chaos Cosmos IES lights import for SketchUp
● Easier one-click access to Chaos Cloud
● Collaboration features (visual annotations, versioning)

V-Ray is better than ever. Recent updates bring a multitude of improvements to enhance your user experience and expedite workflows.

Faster and smoother workflows
Connect your real-time and photoreal rendering workflows with enhanced interoperability between Enscape and V-Ray. Speed up viz workflows and improve collaboration between teams.

5,000 assets to scatter into scenes
Quickly populate scenes with advanced scattering capabilities and choose from over 5,000 render-ready Chaos Cosmos assets.

Even more realism than before
Add even more authenticity to your designs with new features like procedural clouds,
decals, improved materials, camera effects, and many more

What’s new in Enscape

● Unique people assets
● Ray-traced artificial lights (beta)
● UI reskin
● Revit Worksharing optimization
● Improved reflections & global illumination (for hardware ray tracing)
● Support for SketchUp 2024, Revit 2025, Rhino 8.3

Enscape is better than ever. Recent updates bring full* macOS support, lighting improvements, new vegetation and people assets, plus far more to enhance your real-time rendering workflow.

Multiplatform support
Enscape 4.0 brings real-time rendering to Mac. For the first time, macOS users can enjoy the ease and speed of an integrated design and visualization workflow, just like their Windows counterparts*.

Chaos interoperability
Take your renderings to new levels of realism and enjoy a smoother workflow with the V-Ray Scene Exporter. Transfer key data from Enscape to V-Ray and other design applications, including 3ds Max and Cinema 4D.

NVIDIA Denoiser for capture exports
Reduce noise in image and video capture exports by utilizing the latest NVIDIA ReLAX Denoiser. This state-of-the-art denoising solution significantly improves image quality, elevating the overall appeal and realism of Enscape-rendered scenes.

New VR headset support
Enjoy official support for new virtual reality headsets, the Meta Quest 3, and HTC Vive Pro 2. Enjoy fast loading speeds and crisp details in VR for Windows with these headsets. Animated vegetation assets. Enjoy 178 variations of new animated vegetation assets. This collection includes trees, bushes, and flowers specific to North and Southern Europe, North America, Australia, and Oceania regions.

What’s new in Corona

● Edge Map/Edge Shader
● Object replacer
● Pivot placer
● Transform randomizer
● Scene cleaner
● Selection randomizer
● Intel denoiser version 2

Corona is better than ever. New and improved features include procedural tiles and clouds, Corona Decals, Pyro simulations, and more to elevate your work to new levels of creativity and realism.

More realism, faster workflows
Produce even more incredible and lifelike visualizations in Corona with the help of procedural clouds, Corona Decals, procedural tiles, cameras inside volumetric materials, and more.

5,000 assets to scatter into scenes
Speed up your design process with 5,000+ render-ready assets available in Chaos Cosmos, new scatter functionality, listers, and tiling geometry on surfaces with Corona Pattern.

Dynamic effects
Add an extra layer of action to your scenes with liquid, smoke, and fire simulations thanks to a seamless integration with Chaos Phoenix (Corona for 3ds Max) and Pyro
support (Corona for Cinema 4D)

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