Modular- Assembly to Field

Manage Construction Projects, Services, Equipment and Payroll.

Modular Construction ERP, flexible and scalable

To grow in this dynamic industry, Modular Construction firms require open Accounting, Manufacturing and Inventory solutions that complement their business processes.

Real-Time Visibility

Managing the life cycle of design, build, operations and hand-over efficiently requires a unique set of technology solutions that only comes from having everyone working from the same source of truth. 

Streamline Costs and Changes

Industry moves quickly, having the flexibility to match customer demands while accurately tracking impact on design and construction costs forces Modular Construction Companies to think differently, demanding a different approach to keep overheads evenly scaled to business growth.

Inventory Management that Complements Construction

Stock control and distribution software to help streamline your critical processes

Efficiently manage your distribution process with system-wide inventory control and effective inventory management software – including real-time access to inventory in transit, available inventory, and inventory costs.

Signs there’s more work to do:

  • Unable to manage different valuation methods to track inventory holding costs ?
  • Time consuming processes to manage different warehouse and redistribution of inventory ?
  • Unable to easily support managing inventory items with sub-items?

Effective Material Resource Planning

Quoting, procurement and distribution in one easy to manage solution

The ability to forecast and plan for materials and components is critically important to effectively management of production and finished goods inventory

Signs there’s more work to do

  • Your quoting system does not directly link to your inventory system
  • Constantly having to special order due to low inventory stocks
  • Unused inventory is taking up vital space and tying up business capital
  • Unable to easily package kits to support team pre-assemble needs

Enabling Modularisation through Standardization

In today’s modern economy, successful companies are champions of modularity in hardware, software, products, and services. Placing effective solutions in the hands of design, manufacturing and delivery teams can have a dynamic effect on the bottom line.

Signs there’s more work to do

  • Working with independent reporting solutions reducing continuity of procurement processes
  • Reduced visibility across multiple business units resulting in cross-over of management efforts
  • Unable to easily track warranty issues and reorder requirements
  • Design Bill of Materials is manually entered to raise Purchase Orders

Consolidate Financials Easily

Running multiple entities in construction for risk mitigation or result of business acquisitions is common, but this can create challenges down-stream to achieve accurate easily produced company financials and cashflows.

Signs there’s more work to do

  • Spending unproductive time consolidating Excel reports
  • Unable to easily produce multi-monthly budgets
  • Unaligned company to company general ledger structures
  • Complex or blotted account structures

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