Autodesk® Inventor Tube & Pipe Design Training

The Autodesk® Inventor Tube & Pipe class instructs students on the use of the Inventor Tube and Pipe environment. Through a hands-on; practice-intensive curriculum; students acquire the knowledge needed to model routed elements including tubing; piping and flexible hose. The Autodesk® Inventor Tube and Pipe environment provides rule-based routing tools that select the correct fittings and helps the pipe run to comply with your standards for segment length; round-off increments and bend radius.

Course Outline

The Autodesk® Inventor Tube and Pipe Environment

Creating Rigid Tube and Pipe Routes

Creating Flexible Hose Routes

Tube and Pipe Tools and Techniques

Using and Creating Fittings and Components

Creating Drawings of Tube and Pipe models

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    Participants would Require:

    • Access to a machine with Inventor installed and activated.

    • Having a dual monitor setup is highly recommended.


    • 1 day of Online Training and Tuition.

    • Cadgroup Certificate of Completion.

    • An Inventor eBook.

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