Autodesk My Insights

Recently, some of our customers asked Cadgroup about the new feature “My Insights”. An email was sent from Autodesk to them with an analysis of their AutoCAD usage. They raised some concerns about data collection and use of personal information. This article gives an overview of this feature and provides a solution to the concern.  

What’s My Insights?

If you’re using AutoCAD 2018 or later versions on your machine, you can use this feature to enhance your performance and usage of AutoCAD. When we’re using the AutoCAD, certain actions are called waypoints. These actions are recorded and sent back to Autodesk. Maximizing machine learning and data science, the My Insights feature for AutoCAD software provides personalized recommendations and insights tailored to each user’s unique AutoCAD usage.

The feature for My Insights:

  • Command suggestions:

My Insights will recommend the commands and new features you might not be aware and might be benefited from.

  • Update suggestion:

If you are using an earlier release or version of AutoCAD, My Insights will offer suggestions to upgrade if you are using a feature that has been enhanced in the latest release or version.

  • Undoing enhancement:

By looking at sequences of commands you execute, My Insights look for commands that are frequently followed by the UNDO command. Perhaps a little assistance could be helpful.

  • Usage summary:

My Insights updates the commands you executed and generated a summary once in 30 days.

These waypoints might occur when a:The waypoint will not include:
• File is opened or saved
• Command or tool is started
• View is manipulated
• Setting in the product is changed
• Whole or in part of a file
• The actual geometry stored in a design file
The waypoints might include the following statistical information:What My Insights would not do with your data:
• Open and save time
• File size
• Number of objects in a drawing; 2D objects, 3D solids, blocks, annotation, xrefs among others
• Product name, release or version, and serial number
• Application and file performance
• Command usage and sequences
• We don’t sell or share your data
• Data collection doesn’t negatively impact product performance
• Data collection provides us with information to build better products and services for you

How to stop receiving the Autodesk My Insights email in your communication?

  • Click Update Communications.
  • In the Communications Center, under Receive Email Communications, switch “Product Learning Content” to No.
  • Click Save and close the Web page.

How to turn off the data collection feature of My Insights?

  • Launch AutoCAD and open a drawing file.
  • On the ribbon, click Help drop-down menu > Desktop Analytics (or enter desktopanalytics at the Command prompt).
  • In the Data Collection and Use dialog box, untick “I Agree to Data Collection in Desktop Products for Autodesk Analytics Programs”.
  • Click OK.

Hope you find this article useful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cadgroup on: