In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, AEC firms made an unprecedented dive into Digital technology. Before that, industries had a reputation for lagging adoption when it came to embracing new technology. We are now seeing that the pandemic accelerated digital progress and adoption in the construction industry by three years.

For these industries to continue to move into the digital future there are a few steps organizations can implement that will pay off for years to come. Discover “digital principles” for determining the right technology needed, plus tips for smoothing the implementation process and achieving a better ROI.


From Maintenance and enterprise to Cloud and prime Bluebeam does what it can to advance their products to higher levels to minimize cost and time management for not only the AEC industry but, Oil and gas, manufacturing, and energy as well. By moving away from enterprise portals to Online automatically updated material prevents Delay and lag, time consumption and boosts work ethic and communication in teams.


Bluebeam created Cloud to ne suite of cloud-based solutions that seamlessly connect with your documents and tool sets in Revu. Bluebeam Cloud allows you to upload PDFs in the Drawings or Documents tabs to utilize cloud storage for collaboration and project management. With Cloud, you can access and view the latest updates on any device, anywhere. Bluebeam Cloud also includes the Markup Editor and Field Tools for web and iOS users.

Access work anywhere:  Securely access work on any device through single sign-on, collaborate in real time and manage entire construction projects in the cloud.

Communicate effortlessly : Communicate project information more efficiently with industry-standard markup and measurement tools.

Onboard faster: Onboard teams faster with simplified self-service licensing and reporting, along with access to Bluebeam University courses at no additional cost.


Communication is a very important aspect in our industries, good communication allows work to be as seamless as possible without time and cost consumption. Along with Cloud, there are specific cloud-based solutions Bluebeam has released that push the boundaries of technological innovation.

Bluebeam Studio is a cloud storage system Combined with an online collaboration platform that acts as a virtual plan room that allows project partners to review documents and Project managers and teammates to make markups and commentary in real time.


Studio Projects is a lightweight document and storage system that allows you to share files and manage access for all project stakeholders. When a session starts a lot of those files will be automatically saved into Projects, allowing customers to access all the pre-made and updated content so all work is updated and there is no miscommunication among groups project managers, and partners.


An online platform that allows teams and project partners to collaborate and process documents at the same time, Studio Sessions benefits from a seamless transition between online and offline modes. While you are online, any changes made to a PDF in the Session (such as adding markups or comments) are updated in real time.


The Org admin portal is the highlight of Bluebeam Subscription and a feature of technological efficiency. in comparison to the previous enterprise item on older version in which the portal is separate from your seats, Bluebeam subscription allows for immediate allowance into a cleaner an easy-to-follow network.

Once you receive your subscription license you also receive entry to your seats and who they are allocated to within the portal. you can allocate Bluebeam subscription seats, add or remove users, assign additional Org Admins, and more. After logging into the Bluebeam Subscription Management Portal for future easy access.

If you would like to read more on the Org admin portal, immerse yourself in our blog page of the Benefits of jumping into the Org admin portal!


Now that we have learnt how Bluebeam has taken a step up in Technological innovation what’s next? 

Download this white paper to learn strategies for implementing digital tools that pay off for years to come. You’ll discover ‘digital principles’ for determining the right technology for your organisation, plus tips for smoothing the implementation process and achieving a better ROI.

You’ll learn:

The steps to take in finding the right tech

How to gradually transform tools, processes and culture

What to consider for achieving positive ROI

The easy wins and how to spot them

And more…