Enscape has just released V2.4 and the excitement keeps ramping up!

Anyone who has seen Enscape in action or used it themselves will know what an amazing presentation tool it is. The hard workers at Enscape are never ones for resting on their laurels and the new release of version 2.4 proves that beyond doubt.

Here are some of the headline features that they’ve added:

The Asset Library:

Enscape now features a library of objects that you can use to quickly enhance your renders. This library includes high quality people, vegetation and props that will enhabit your renders and make them visually rich. Revit RPC objects are still recognised by Enscape of course but now you can get a more professional looking result that will make a big impression.

Web interface:

Enscape has a great feature of being able to export a render as a self-contained executable file. These allow clients to open and view the rendered Revit model without needing any software. This has been further enhanced with the ability to upload the render to the Cloud – you now send a link to the client for them to view in Chrome or Firefox. This gets around the issue of large downloads and provides an speedy solution to getting the presentation out to client. It also means that you can get the newest version of the presentation out to stakeholders if there are changes made.

Here’s an actual sample! – https://api2.enscape3d.com/v1/view/d436e62a-93d9-45f1-815e-b0db284b76a0

Grass improvements:

Grass has been given a work-over in V2.4. You can now adjust grass as never before in Enscape to get a result that suits your requirements. On top of this, there is a clever setting that lets Enscape pick up keywords in your Grass Materials (long, short for example) that adjusts the length of the grass in your render. Cool stuff!

Animation Rendering Times:

Enscape have worked out a way to accelerate animation rendering times. They are  X6 times faster.

But wait, there’s more!

On top of all these features, there are other enhancements that make this new release the most exciting on yet:

  • Improved sky rendering
  • Water on mini map
  • New mouse/keyboard input
  • Stability fixes
  • Normal map auto-detection
  • Quality & performance improvements
  • Video export performance
  • Image quality and stability
  • Panorama upload
  • Improved depth of field
  • Panorama flagged as 360° image
  • Latest Nvidia Display Driver compatibility

Try it out.

You can download trial of Enscape from their website and remember, Cadgroup is the official Australian Enscape reseller.