Open, Closed and Secret projects in BIM360 Team

Open, Close and Secret are the three types of projects users can create in BIM360 Team, this is more an visibility setting than an access setting. For example: if there are 10 C4R projects in the studio, as a user, he/she would see the Closed Projects he/she was invited to, as well as the Open projects.

Open projects are only open to the members that is in the same hub, and you can not have external consultants invited to open projects (the option is automatically switched off).

Below is a more detailed comparison:

Project visibility on the hub (who can see the project while browsing list of projects)All Team Members on the hubTeam Members on the hub and Project MembersOnly project members
Access project contentAll Team Members on the hubOnly project membersOnly project members
Project MembershipSelf-join OR inviteRequest membership OR inviteInvite only
Guest Access to project (Assumes Guest access is enabled on Hub)Guests not allowedProject Administrator can enable or disableProject Administrator can enable or disable
Best suited toOrganisation-wide projectsExample: For content relevant to all employeesBusiness Units, TeamsExample: Design Team working on a customer project or internal project unique to a business unitTeams working on projects that require a high level of privacyExample: Teams working on confidential customer or internal projects. Can also use for personal projects.

To sum up:

Open projects: studio-wide shared contents; everyone on the hub can see them and join them without being invited to;

Close projects: the most common projects we work on day-to-day; everyone on the hub can see them, join only by invitation;

Secret projects: high privacy projects such as defence or a test project that you don’t want everyone on the hub to see.