TriClamp Pipe Fitting Catalogue ADD ON to the “Pharma ALFA LAVAL Pipes & Fittings.pcat”

This content pack is intended for piping designers that require accurate representation of High Purity pipe and fittings for Pharmaceutical or Food Industry projects.
This ContentPak contains much more than a catalogue pcat file. It also contains a template project setup for pharma projects, additional connection types, a revised connection configuration file, isometric symbol library, revised isometric mapping file, as well as the catalogue pcat file and spec pspc and pspx files.
• All 3D content has been downloaded from vendor websites.
• Component EndCodes have been developed to ensure accurate connection behaviour
• Connection Settings updated to ensure correct connection behaviour while modeling
• Isometric symbols have been created for accurate representation of components on isos
• SKEY to Isometric Symbol mapping xml file updated
• New end codes have been developed for TRICLAMP (TC), BEVEL SEAT, DC, H-LINE, HDI-LINE, IPS, JOHNS PERRY (JP) and TRIWELD
The attached TRICLAMP catalogue extract is included as an example of the content available.
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The complete catalogues also includes BEVEL SEAT, DC, H-LINE, HDI-LINE, IPS, JP, TRIWELD.