Want to have a say in the future of Revit? Pay a visit to Autodesk’s Revit Ideas web portal.

Wish upon a star:

Have you ever wished for a new feature in Revit or wanted to raise an issue that you feel should be addressed in future builds?

Well up until now, the only way you could do this is through joining AUGI and voting on the  wishlist for Revit. The new Autodesk portal is aimed specifically at Revit users and only requires the person to have an Autodesk login. It doesn’t supersede the AUGI wishlist though.

Enter Revit Ideas:

Autodesk has now introduced the Revit Ideas web portal. Log in using your Autodesk credentials and then you’re ready to go.

First off, I’d always suggest that you go a search on the topic that you’re concerned with – it’s always good to see whether someone has already raised an issue and what response they’ve had.

Have a look through the list of topics so see what has been posted by others. Note that most of the topics raised will have been responded to in some way. In some cases, when a topic has been taken on board by Autodesk, the response will receive a “kudos” to indicate that the poster is satisfied with the outcome.

If you want to add a new topic then click on the “submit an idea” button and get typing. Who knows what it might lead to! Don’t forget to check the guidelines before submitting: http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/community-faq/ideas/m-p/5384681