New Revit Issues Add-In helps Revit Users integrate and visualize BIM 360 issues.

The Revit Issues Add-in was designed to help Revit designers integrate and visualize BIM 360 Issues created in BIM 360 cloud collaboration applications. With the Revit add-in, users can view, […]

Revu 20.1 has been released – read about the new features here.

Revu 20.1 is officially here: If you’re a Revu user then you might have received an email or even seen a pop up inside Revu to let you know that […]

Newby Advice for Revu users (Part 2): Learn how Markup and Measurements are organised (so you can get the most out of them).

Introduction: Revu is a very powerful tool that allows use the PDF format to quantify projects, track & understanding changes and assign tasks throughout a project. On top of that […]

Newby advice for Revu users: Understanding how units work (and how to get them to work for you!)

Introduction: We sometimes receive enquiries from Revu users who are struggling to understand why the units on their Markups are not showing the way they want them. Sometimes units might […]

Give your Revit Schedules & Note blocks some zing.

If you’ve ever created a “yes/no” parameter and placed it in a Revit Schedule or Note Block then you’ll know that Revit displays the state of the Yes or No […]

Scripting in Bluebeam Revu Extreme: Spend less time doing mundane tasks.

What is Scripting in Revu? Scripting is a powerful tool that offers the ability to automate what might be otherwise time consuming and repetitive tasks. Whilst Scripting is nowhere near […]

Autodesk – Product Support Lifecycle

Note:  Autodesk no longer supports offline activation for 2021 products and later. If you have a perpetual license, you can activate your software by going online only once. After you activate […]

Edgewise 5.5 is here!

INTRODUCING DIGITAL SOFTWARE KEYS & NEW AUTOMATIC PIPE EXTRACTION SETTINGS! Our partners at  ClearEdge 3D are excited to introduce EdgeWise software licensing, offering you faster, more convenient access to the […]

What’s New in Revit 2021.1 for Architects

Revit 2021.1 has now arrived with new features and upgrades to extend capabilities while reducing friction on BIM projects. Additions include Dynamo for Revit 2.6, many new Dynamo nodes, and […]
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