ATTN: Autodesk Network license customers – please update NLM to the latest version asap.

Autodesk Licensing Hotfix – NLM 11.16.2 Security Vulnerabilities: If you are running network / multi-user licenses of Autodesk software and you are running the build or earlier then Autodesk […]

Autodesk Desktop App’ – some stuff you probably didn’t know

The Autodesk Desktop App’ is installed by default when you put any Autodesk software on your system. It can be a useful place to find any software you are entitled to […]

How to remove 2-step verification for your Autodesk account.

When you sign in to your Autodesk Account, you may receive a notification that you will receive a verification code on your mobile device. This is referred to as 2-Step […]

Home Usage licenses (network and multi-user) – everything you need to know!

Home Usage licenses allow your users access software on an on-going basis on a non-transportable home-based computer in addition to the ones installed on your office-based machines. This is a […]

Autodesk Network / multi-user licenses on subscriptions – set a reminder so you don’t have to remember.

We all have what feels like a million things to remember in our day to day lives. When we renew our subscriptions for our multi-user Autodesk software, or when the […]

Licensing Quick Start Guide

So you’ve purchased an Autodesk subscription – what next? This 3-step guide will show you how to assign the licenses to the users of your organisation. This is particularly useful […]

AVA – updated version – the future of virtual assistants isn’t necessarily creepy.

Autodesk has had a Virtual Assistant for some time. AVA (Autodesk Virtual Assistant) has been assisting people to locate software, create cases and other easily automated tasks for some time. […]

How to prevent users from over-extending a parameter in Revit (“When good Revit Families go bad”)

How to prevent users from over-extending a parameter in Revit (“When good Revit Families go bad ;)”) Written on November 9, 2017. Posted in Knowledge Base, Architecture, BIM, Construction, Engineering, Tech Tips. One of the things that […]

Latest news about the WIN10 Creator Update:

| Fadi Matti | ,
The Microsoft 10 Fall Creator’s update has just rolled out on to Windows PC’s worldwide. Depending on your Windows update settings, this may have already installed itself or it may be […]
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