Adding Industry Specific Tool Sets into Bluebeam Revu

Revu offers an out-of-box set of tools that you can use to create Markups and Measurements of your PDF’s. But if you want to go to the next level and use […]

Newby Advice for Revu users (Part 2): Learn how Markup and Measurements are organised (so you can get the most out of them).

Introduction: Revu is a very powerful tool that allows use the PDF format to quantify projects, track & understanding changes and assign tasks throughout a project. On top of that […]

Newby advice for Revu users: Understanding how units work (and how to get them to work for you!)

Introduction: We sometimes receive enquiries from Revu users who are struggling to understand why the units on their Markups are not showing the way they want them. Sometimes units might […]

Scripting in Bluebeam Revu Extreme: Spend less time doing mundane tasks.

What is Scripting in Revu? Scripting is a powerful tool that offers the ability to automate what might be otherwise time consuming and repetitive tasks. Whilst Scripting is nowhere near […]

WFH for Bluebeam Revu users

If you are bringing your work laptop home to carry on your office tasks, no change needs to be made. This blog post is for Bluebeam Revu users who are […]

WFH Primer for Revit Designers

With the progression of the COVID-19 in Australia, Cadgroup has been receiving considerable amount of inquiries from Revit-based design offices on how to set up the software to enable staff […]

Revu 2019 is here.

Bluebeam 2019 has just been released. Revu 2019 is being touted  as the fastest and most efficient version yet. It has improved speed and enhanced takeoff functionalities as well a […]

Printing in Revit viewer mode. A cool Bluebeam tip.

It’s not uncommon to want non-Revit users to be able to open and view a project. Viewer mode allows this to happen on network licensed copied of Revit without consuming […]

PDF’s into hyper(link)space! Revit Panoramas and Revu.

Taking PDF’s into hyper(link)space. Revit, Panoramas and Revu. This is a short article that I hope will give you some insight into some presentation tools that you may not be […]
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