Bluebeam Revu 21 Product Updates Bluebeam, a prominent figure in PDF editing software tailored for the AEC industry, has made significant strides since introducing Revu 21. Their services now include […]
In construction it’s not about just working in an office, sometimes we must work onsite, in another state, at home, or in a chosen area for review. Bluebeam has an […]
With Bluebeam Revu 21 taking the spotlight with new features and toolsets, we must ask the question can users master their own licenses? What is the org admin portal? The […]
Take a dive into Revu 21 as we discuss the main functions of what makes Revu 21 worth it. As Bluebeam enters a new generation of style and creativity with […]
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Collaborate like never before, multiple users modifying the same drawing at the same time. For our customers, Bluebeam’s Revu brings a lot of goods to the table and when it […]
Why did I create this article? Every software can experience slowdowns from time to time with Bluebeam Revu being no exception. Some PDF’s can be quite graphics intensive or large […]
Revu offers an out-of-box set of tools that you can use to create Markups and Measurements of your PDF’s. But if you want to go to the next level and use […]
Introduction: Revu is a very powerful tool that allows use the PDF format to quantify projects, track & understanding changes and assign tasks throughout a project. On top of that […]
Introduction: We sometimes receive enquiries from Revu users who are struggling to understand why the units on their Markups are not showing the way they want them. Sometimes units might […]