PreConstruction, by Platform

Centralising Estimating Data, how predictive estimating is changing how estimators prioritise work.

Leveraging your team’s estimating skills via platform.

Achieving a PreConstruction Platform achieves four key interests:

1. Centralising All estimate data, plans, contacts and reports / proposals templates

2. Allows for access anytime, anywhere

3. Set specific roles and permissions

4. Speaks to Project Cost and Accounting Structures

How to Develop a PreConstruction Data Management Plan, what are the Advantages?

Creating a Data Management Plan starts by including important team members and selecting the right technology platform. Data Management Plans covers many areas, but importantly include the improved use and access of estimating cost data along with all in-progress, submitted and archived estimates in a single estimating platform.

By consolidating company PreConstruction information and aligning team platform permissions, company estimating data can confidently protected and trusted by all stakeholders. Done correctly workflows are optimised, connecting PreConstruction efforts to project delivery teams without transposing or rearranging cost data.

The 4 C’s of data management





What data makes up a data management plan for Estimating Teams?

· Centralising Cost Estimate and WBS Structures

· Keeping Estimate Flexibility while Standardising Reports and Quote Templates

· Setting Roles / Access, Sharing and De-Activation Policies

· Automation and Workflow to assure correct Estimate Reviews

· Cost Data Storage, Update Management, Preservation

Creating a Data Management Plan to optimise your company’s estimating efforts can be challenging. By including the right team members and aligning the right technical platform contractors can make a difficult initiative possible. Remembering, digital transformation is a multi-dimensional process that depends on people, celebrating incremental “small wins” progress, while following a strategic path of data use.

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