Autodesk Desktop App’ – some stuff you probably didn’t know

The Autodesk Desktop App’ is installed by default when you put any Autodesk software on your system. It can be a useful place to find any software you are entitled to and any updates for software that is installed. There are a few things about the Desktop Application that aren’t obvious and can be really useful to remember:

Signing Out:

If you sign out of Autodesk desktop app:

  • You are signed out of all other Autodesk software, including desktop applications that require a mandatory sign-in.
  • Account details and the link to Autodesk Account are no longer accessible.
  • Your feedback is sent as “anonymous.” As a result, support teams cannot follow up if you have a problem.
  • Signing out does not prevent Autodesk desktop app from delivering subscription-only updates.

Licensing issues:

Signing in to the Desktop App’ more or less gives you ownership over your PC (from an Autodesk point of view) so you can sign in there once and as you fire up any software that you entitled to, it will automatically sign you in to it.

On another note, what we’ve also found from our support calls from customers is that the Desktop App’ is a useful tool if you are experiencing issues getting your subscription software running. Sometimes the licensing may be confused on your PC – if for example your Contract Manager has unassigned one seat (serial) of your software and reassigned the same software under another serial, there is a chance that things might get confused. Also, occasionally a new installation of the software will get stuck in a loop where it will not allow you to sign-in and get it up and running. Rare but frustrating.

So any instance where you have an issue activating your software or signing in here’s the trick. Simply make sure you are signed out of the Autodesk Desktop Application. Now try the software again and sign in. Occasionally this doesn’t work so if that’s the case then you simply sign out of the Desktop App’ and then sign in then try the software.