01 March, 2023
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Bluebeam Benefits | Be a Revu 21 Subscriber Today!

01 March, 2023

Take a dive into Revu 21 as we discuss the main functions of what makes Revu 21 worth it.

As Bluebeam enters a new generation of style and creativity with its three new packages Basic, Core & Complete, our customers want to know what Revu 21 can do for them. Revu 21 is a subscription-based desktop AEC solution that makes it easy to securely access your work anywhere. You can log into any desktop with Revu installed and access your project files or send your Tool Chest to Bluebeam Cloud for markups on-the-go. Revu 21 can also be used on a variety of devices from laptop to phone and iPad, convenient when travelling to different location.

Why should i upgrade to Revu 21?

Upgrading to subscription allows Bluebeam to better support your work by delivering greater flexibility, peace of mind, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). This includes the ability to:

  • Easily and securely access your work from anywhere, in the office or in the field, through your Bluebeam ID (BBID).
  • Quickly get stakeholders and teams up to speed with more integrated onboarding options and access to Bluebeam University at no additional cost.
  • Seamlessly manage and administer licenses across your entire organization, reducing administrative overhead.

Getting Started with Subscription

Revu 21 certainly has a different process to what you may be used to, but there’s nothing to worry about. Upon purchasing or upgrading to Revu 21, licenses are managed as subscription accounts. Like previous versions, you still need to install Revu 21, but now you no longer need to provide a serial number or product key to get started. Read More about Bluebeam Subsciption Onboarding to get you moving!

If you haven’t checked out the Subscription portal, it’s a great way to get started!

What features does studio sessions have?

1. Sign in

In Revu 21, you no longer need a serial number and product key to register. To begin using Revu, you’ll authenticate your license by signing in with your Bluebeam ID. This way you don’t have to concern yourself with a number provided to you and can always go off your own credentials when signing into your account and work.

2. Tool Chest Anywhere

The Tool Chest makes marking up documents much more efficient by storing and organizing frequently used markups for easy use and reuse. It automatically remembers recently used markups, can re-apply a markup in its entirety or just using its properties, and automatically scale tools to fit different drawings without having to recreate the tool to match the drawing’s scale.

3. Bluebeam Cloud

Bluebeam Cloud is our subscription-based mobile solution accessible through app or browser. Learn how to start marking up drawings on-the-go and using Bluebeam Solutions in the field for punch, RFIs and submittals.

4. Bluebeam Studio Sessions

We all need to work in teams to get the work done more effectively and efficiently. Revu users can add markups to the same PDF document together in real-time using Studio Sessions, or individually at any time while the Session is active. All markup activity is tracked in the Record that conveniently links back to the Session PDFs, and a built-in chat feature aids communication during the collaboration Session. If you haven’t seen our blog on studio sessions yet, then you don’t know what you’re missing!  Bluebeam Sessions | Real time Collaboration – Cadgroup.

5. Bluebeam University

Time to put on our thinking caps because Bluebeam’s doors are open for learning. Bluebeam University (BBU) is an online, on-demand learning platform designed to grow Bluebeam users’ confidence and skills, simplify organization-wide training, and reduce time to value. Bluebeam University was previously offered as a separate, paid subscription but now is included in Revu 21 Subscriptions how convenient is that?

6. Organisation Admin Gateway Portal 

Bluebeam wants you to see what they get to see when it comes to your licences. The Bluebeam Subscription Management Portal is an online administrative tool for organization admins (Org Admins) to manage their users named-user licenses and their subscription access. From here, Org Admins can allocate Bluebeam subscription seats, change subscription packages, manage other admins, and more.

If you are interested about finding more about the pricing of Revu 21 licences, please proceed to the following link: Bluebeam Pricing: Compare Plan Costs & Options | Bluebeam.

What does that mean for me?
It means that while Revu 21 is not a onetime costing product anymore it comes with more features then Standard, CAD and Extreme contained. You also don’t need to concern yourself when it comes to automatic updates when new versions of a computer system are updated. You or your company is in a great position if you already have maintenance, renewing your maintenance will lock you in for the next eight years. Ask your account manager for details. Use this opportunity to consolidate some of your old licences.

Reassigning ownership of the session

Sometimes people come and go, sometimes they required someone else to take over the throne to document or reflect the events, projects are rollercoasters and therefore Sessions does what it can to adapt to the circumstances in which a person may need to provide ownership to someone else.

In Revu, you can edit Studio Permissions for individual users and groups as well as reassign ownership of a Session. Once you’ve reassigned ownership of a Session, you’ll no longer be the owner or have control over preferences. These steps will give the new owner full access to the permissions and preferences of a Session. If you need to reassign markups of a user who left a Session, see How to reassign markup ownership.

What’s to come.

While we have focused on Studio sessions in this article, we haven’t thoroughly explained Studio projects as it isn’t our CenterPoint right now. However, in due time we will go into instances on a construction project when using a Session makes more sense than using a Project—and vice versa. Moreover, there may be times when workers in the construction, engineering, architecture, and operators (AECO) industry may think using one vs. the other makes sense for a specific workflow—when in fact the opposite may be true. Between Studio Projects and Sessions see what works for and your processes, stay tuned.