Enscape – and now for something (almost) completely different.

I was having a conversation with a work mate the other day who was looking for advice about how a customer could efficiently present an Inventor project in a nice, interactive way.  Not too long ago, the go-to way to present things like this was Autodesk Showcase but that has been discontinued.

So after kicking around ideas for a bit, I mentioned Enscape and Revit Live as options. Now this is obviously only an option if you have access to Revit but, Revit Live is free and Enscape is a great product to do real-time renders in so why not give it a go?

Anyway, my work colleague decided to try Enscape as we recently became resellers. Revit Live would have been a good solution too.

So cut to the chase, the model was exported from Inventor as a DWG and then linked into a Revit project. You then fire up Enscape whilst in a 3D axonometric View and wait a few seconds. The results are very good – you might want to play with materials in the DWG file (you do this in Revit under Object Styles and alter each layer’s material perhaps).  Below are the “before” ad “after” shots of what the presentation looks like in Inventor and Enscape. We could have done something similar in Revit Live too. So, if you are using a “non-Revit” program and you have access to Revit it might be worth exploring these not so obvious solutions!