FYI: Some changes to installations in Autodesk 2017 products.

Firstly, don’t panic! Anyone who has tried, or is going to do an installation of 2017 Autodesk products will notice a change to order that things are done during the process.

In short, instead of asking for your serial number and product key at the start of the process, the installer now simply goes about installing the software and waits until the first-run to find out the licensing information.

On first run, you will get a dialogue box similar to the one above.

If you have a perpetual license (one that you bought in the past) or have a desktop rental then you can enter your serial and product key and the software will activate itself as usual.

If you elect to click on the “use a network license” option then you simply have to enter the name of the server that the network license manager is on or navigate to the location of the license file that is on the server.

Lastly, you have an option to start a trial which as before will give you 30 days to evaluate the software.

So there is no change to licensing or activations, the order has simply been changed in a way that may make the process a little bit easier for users.

So, like I said, “don’t panic!” 😉