How to remove 2-step verification for your Autodesk account.

When you sign in to your Autodesk Account, you may receive a notification that you will receive a verification code on your mobile device. This is referred to as 2-Step verification and they have been in wide practice within industries such as the banking industry and legal practices for some time. Simply put, any attempt to log in automatically generates an SMS to a designated Mobile number. This is a way of adding a layer of security to logins and it alerts the user should there be an authorised attempt at accessing their account. Even if your login and password were somehow compromised the 2-step verification stops any unauthorised activity in its tracks.

If you have to log into your Autodesk Account with any regularity, you may have 2 step verification switched on and you might find it a potentially annoying. It is possible to turn this off as we’ll see but before we do that, if you are working in a larger practice where there are certain IT standards or if you are working on projects where there are security factors and NDA’s then you’ll want to check if it is OK to go back to single step verification. I know of several practices that we deal with where the nature of their clientele and thus their projects requires 2-step verification.

So, assuming you still want to remove step verification, then here are the steps required:

  1. Sign in to Autodesk Account at and select security settings.SIGN IN TO AUTODESK ACCOUNT
  2. Click the user icon in the top menu and then click the My profile link to access your user profile settings.

3. Click the security settings tab to access two-step verification.

4. Click Change Settings next to 2 Step Verification.

5. Click on Disable. Confirm this again in the next screen.

6. Step verification is now disabled. It can be enabled later if needed by going back to the security settings and click on “Enable” next to “2 Step Verification” .