Issues using Internet Explorer 11 and Autodesk downloads

You are experiencing issues downloading from the Autodesk Account Center or the Virtual Agent:

Internet Explorer was once the gold-standard for web browsers and it was the one that all software vendors used to test their websites with.

Times have changed and this is no longer the case. In fact, many vendors, including Autodesk do not test using IE and in some cases will advise that it is not supported web browser.

The release of IE11 which is integrated into Windows 10 has only served to compound the issue.

We have had multiple reports of customers that have had downloads fail, hang or complete but result in corrupted files.

What can be done?

The simple answer is, if IE is not letting you download the files, use Chrome as your  web browser to download the files.

You’ll want to keep Internet Explorer installed as getting rid of it will cause all sorts of issues in Windows. Some webpages will still work perfectly well with IE such as CRM or Outlook 360.

We have also had feedback that on some isolated cases, IE works better for some people that Chrome. There are many variables as to why a specific PC may work or not work better with a given piece of software so we advise trying both web browsers when you are having issues.