The Enscape Executable feature- present your design to non-Enscape users!

Enscape is a powerful, easy to master presentation tool that allows you show your design to stake holders in real time on screen or in VR. The high quality of the images and realism means that you can convince stake holders of the merits of your design in the best possible light.

One Escape feature which I think is pretty amazing is the ability to export the presentation into an executable file format. This file can opened by anyone, clients and non-CAD folk so that they can see your design as it appeared in Enscape. Grass and Foliage moves, the time of day can be changed and you have all the navigation tools that the full version offers. No installation or setting up is required by the viewer.

You could use this tool beyond the design stage – the possibilities are tantalising.

Just as a note, the Executable file size can be fairly large, depending on the size of Project. Also it would be preferable that the PC that the Executable is opened on has at least a basic dedicated Graphics card – although at a pinch you might get away with the integrated GPU so it’s worth a try.

To give you an example, I’ve uploaded an Executable to my Dropbox folder, so you can check it out yourself. Enscape Executable example.

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