Desktop Connector for BIM 360 Team – the C4R missing link?

Autodesk just announced the release of the Desktop Connector for BIM 360 Team. In brief, this technology acts as a virtual drive on your computer that allows you to drag and drop files to and from the BIM 360 Team Cloud space.

Better still, in relation to Collaboration For Revit (C4R) and perhaps the “headline”, this new technology allows you to:

  1. Link cloud workshared Revit Models to DWG files in the same BIM 360 Team Project
  2. Easily link cloud workshared Revit Models to other common data files like keynotes, project wikis, shared parameters, or Uniformat files
  3. Link to non-cloud workshared Revit Models from external consultants in the same project. You can regularly update these by simply uploading a new version to BIM 360 Team

And as for general details:

  • With Desktop Connector, you can now open, save, move, rename, and delete files from your cloud-based BIM 360 Team hubs directly from your desktop or desktop application.
  • If you are part of more than one hub in BIM 360 Team, each of them will appear on your desktop with the standard disk and file tree structure of Windows® Explorer or macOS® Finder. You can access hubs in Explorer or Finder just like any other folder on your machine.
  • Team coordination just got a big boost. The file structure of your virtual drive (BIM 360 Team) from hub level all the way down to individual files is now mirrored on your desktop as well as your team members’ desktops. If they have permission to view these files, your teams can now easily access them too.
  • Wish you could drag and drop to the cloud, even when offline? Now you can! Manage files in your cloud-based hub just like you would on your computer, all from your desktop. Drag-and-drop, copy to the cloud, you can do it all.
  • Start by downloading the latest version of Desktop Connector to seamlessly manage your projects.

For a really good rundown of the full feature set and a link to the downloader, please have a look here: