Get your Drone on – ReCap Photo

Autodesk release 13/09/2017:

Enjoy expanded photogrammetry capabilities of ReCap Photo, our new desktop and cloud solution built for UAV and drone processes. 

We see how laser scanners are democratizing reality capture and the same can be said of drones. Previously, aerial surveying methods meant spending tens of thousands of dollars to charter a one-time scan from a professional service company using LiDAR-equipped plane. Now, it is possible to do the same work with a drone or UAV, which has dramatically reduced the cost and increased the accessibility of site reality capture. Additionally, drones have made it easier to safely capture hard-to-access or inaccessible areas where traditional surveying could be dangerous or impractical.

These improvements are not just limited to hardware, as enhancements in software are also changing the way we work. Through automation and the computing power of the cloud, software is speeding up and automating the once tedious process of registering (stitching) and editing captured information.

That’s where ReCap Pro comes in. ReCap Pro has made it easier for our customers to deliver their projects with more accuracy and efficiency, by facilitating the creation of highly accurate virtual models that can be imported and used in Autodesk design products such as AutoCAD, Revit, Infraworks, Civil 3D, Navisworks, and more.

See what our customers are doing with ReCap Pro.

Now, we’re happy to unveil ReCap Photo, our new cloud-based solution tailored for UAV photo capturing processes. ReCap Photo is a desktop app which utilizes Autodesk’s upgraded Photo-to-3D cloud service, The addition of ReCap Photo expands the value of a ReCap Pro subscription with features to support UAV and drone photo capture workflows. Using ReCap Photo you can create photo textured meshes, photo-based point clouds with geolocation, and high-resolution orthographic views with elevation maps.