RevitXT – the best Revit add-on you’ll never buy*

There has been an explosion of commercial Revit add-ons out on the market

RevitXT 2016

as evidenced by such sites like the Autodesk app-store.

I was reading a list of the Top-10 Revit add-ons recently that listed

paid tools that the author felt were the must-have add-on tools.

It occurred to me that the functionality of these individual tools is covered

in the RevitXT tool and lots more!

Some examples are the ability to export and import Excel spreadsheets

as well as the ability to push data into the project database via an imported Excel spreadsheet.

On top of this BIMQuery allows you to interrogate the properties of elements inside the project and push changes into those objects (if allowed by Revit).

Anyone who has worked in Revit knows why a  renumber tool is a popular add-on. It’s in RevitXT………

Each one of these valuable tools is available as a paid purchase from a variety of Revit add-on vendors. RevitXT has all this plus a lot more.

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* For free if you are on subscriptions with Cadgroup!