Run Autodesk software on MAC, Android, IOS or Linux using Frame.

“Frame is the future of both software distribution and personal computing in the post-mobile era that I am going to call ubiquitous computing.” Forbes Magazine Dec 2014.

Frame is a revolutionary new technology that allows you to run any PC based software on MAC, IOS, Android or Linux via a web browser.

Simply register and login (you can run a free trial for 14 days) then select the platform that you wish to use.

Now install any windows application. A number of Autodesk applications including Revit 2016, Inventor 2016 and Autocad 2016 have been officially tested on the platform.

The possibilities of being able to open a session of Frame at any time and continue working on any device or location is very exciting.

You can also link to your Dropbox, Google or BOX accounts to take care of saving files.

Frame is available for commercial or personal uses with a variety of subscription types to suit people’s needs.

We have already tested Frame running inside Chrome with great success. The installation was run off an internet download with surprising speed. The only possible issue is that Frame has to use software emulation to create graphics so some higher-end functions such as real-time rendering and textures may not be available to you.

To trial the technology – go to Frame login page to create a login. Android devices supporting blue-tooth keyboards and mouse pointers running Revit is an interesting scenario. We encourage anyone interested on a personal level or for business use to give it a try.