Revit Time Saving Tip #7: How on earth do I change units in a Tag?

How on earth do I change units in a Revit Tag?

Sometimes things are really obvious in Revit and then other times they’re not (until you know them and then they’re obvious)

Adjusting the units in a Tag would seem a fairly straight forward thing. Click on Units in the manage Ribbon, maybe click on Site settings, perhaps click on the Tag settings in the project? Finally without finding a solution, we get to the Tag Family itself and then we may still come up a blank although you’re getting close.

Just give me the answer already!

The answer is in the Family but it may be “hidden in plain sight”. In this example, we’ll be looking at the property-line Tag but it could apply to any Tag that reports a numerical value in your project:

1. Select the Tag and open it to edit it.
2. Click on the Distance text and then click on the “edit label” icon to edit it.
3. With the “distance” column selected, click on the little hand symbol hovering over the hash symbol.
4. Change the dimension format to whatever you require.

You would then save this as a new Tag Family or save over the existing one. Also, update your Project Template to make sure it’s in there for future use.

Have fun!