20 April, 2023
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Bluebeam Revu 21 Cloud Solutions 

20 April, 2023

In construction it’s not about just working in an office, sometimes we must work onsite, in another state, at home, or in a chosen area for review. Bluebeam has an asset made for moving software around Bluebeam Cloud is our subscription-based mobile solution accessible through an app or browser. Learn how Revu 21’s cloud solutions can assist in increasing your productivity and efficiency in group projects and presentations.

What is Revu 21 Cloud?

Bluebeam Cloud is a new suite of cloud-based solutions that seamlessly connect with your documents and toolsets in Revu. With Cloud, you can access and view the latest updates on any device, anywhere. Bluebeam Cloud also includes the Markup Editor and Field Tools for web and iOS users. The Markup Editor enables you to easily comment and collaborate on your project documents. And Field Tools allows you to effectively manage and track your punch, RFI, and submittal workflows on the go.

Your Projects can be Set on the Device Anywhere 

Bluebeam’s Desktop and cloud collaboration solutions are built on open standards, so you can seamlessly access your documents on any device, onsite or off. Most Bluebeam users probably jump between home and office and need to draft documents so they are readily presentable.


Revu offers powerful, highly customizable document management, markup, and automation tools with a built-in collaboration space, Studio.

  1. Log in to any desktop with Revu installed and access your projects and What s toolsets.
  2. Mark up and measure together with teammates in real-time using Studio.

Share the latest drawings and documents with teams in the field using Bluebeam Cloud



Get more out of Revu and Bluebeam Cloud with built-in services designed to help you finish the job faster:

  1. Unlimited secure centralized cloud storage (as part of Studio and Bluebeam Cloud)
  2. Access to Bluebeam University training courses at no additional cost
  3. Technical support via email and phone
  4. Geolocational insights to help visualize, connect, and organize data


Access work anywhere

Store entire projects in the cloud, invite teammates to digitally collaborate in real-time, and access plans and drawings on any device in the office or field.

Communicate effortlessly.

Communicate changes with industry-standard markup and measurement tools. All updates are tracked, preserving important project data you can share with anyone, anywhere.

Onboard teams faster

Gain administrative control with simplified self-serve license management and deployment. Then get everyone up to speed on key features and workflows with Bluebeam University training courses at no additional cost.


If you own a Revu Basic, Core, or Complete Subscription package you immediately gain support from us. Revu Cloud is its own storage feature that may take a while to understand the full limits of and we can walk you through it.

  • Hear you out first, allow you to explain the situation to us
  • ask questions and get a full understanding of what you are unsure about Revu cloud
    Work with you to show you solutions that will work to resolve your issues.

Whether you want to contact us by email or phone is up to you and what works in your favor. We have a dedicated customer support team behind you ready to assist in helping you understand your product better to meet satisfactory standards for you and your company. Our success relies on your own success.