19 April, 2023
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Bluebeam Revu 21 | Jumping Into the Org admin portal

19 April, 2023

With Bluebeam Revu 21 taking the spotlight with new features and toolsets, we must ask the question can users master their own licenses?

What is the org admin portal?

The Org admin portal is the Bluebeam Subscription Management Portal. An online cloud-based site where account owners manage access for subscription-based Bluebeam Solutions by being an org admin. As an Org Admin, you can allocate Bluebeam subscription seats, add, or remove End Users, assign additional Org Admins, and more. In comparison to perpetual licenses, you would require purchasing an enterprising option on top of your license to access this feature. Now with Revu 21 it’s already included in any package upon purchase

What can the org admin portal do for me?

the org admin can manage their own licenses without having to wait for the help and support of others. Here are a few pointers

  • View the active and inactive licenses in your system without requiring an asset report.
  • Notifications to upgrade licenses in the future when Updates for Revu are available.
  • Allocate and reallocate licenses when users change or have left the company without having to purchase new licenses for them to use and deregister the old ones. This ensures they do not need to start from scratch if they require previous documents stored on the Revu cloud.
  • Assign another Org admin to take over administration and management if not currently available for a period.
  • Add end users and assign them to Bluebeam plans.
  • Give yourself end-user permissions (for access to Revu 21 and Bluebeam Cloud)
  • You can have up to Five users per license however they can’t use it at the same time. 
  • Track employees in Bluebeam University to see who is struggling and who is handling it well 

How do I access the Org Admin portal?

After purchasing a Bluebeam Plan, you’ll receive an email invitation to manage your Bluebeam Solutions as an Org Admin. As the license owner, the Org Admin can add new users, track subscription allocations, and manage user access

Need help getting started with managing your Revu 21 accounts watch this helpful tutorial video 

After you add users and assign them access to a Bluebeam Plan (Basics, Core, or Complete), they’ll receive an email that invites them to create a Bluebeam ID (BBID), which will give them access to their subscription.

For more detailed information, visit the Bluebeam Subscription Management Guide.

What’s to come?

Contact us any time regarding the org admin portal if you are ever interested in its content and features, Next time we will be taking on the topic of Revu 21’s cloud and how the org admin portal and Cloud come into effect together.