Bluebeam Revu: Work with no limits

Architects and draftsmen have long been associated with the art of paper drawings and sketches. As we move into a digital world, however, we need powerful and exciting software that can […]

What can Australian manufacturing expect from 2017?

There’s little argument that Australia’s manufacturing industry is in a period of transition. With Ford ending production in October 2016 and Holden soon to follow suit, many skilled workers are […]

Additive manufacturing for the next generation

As valuable as digital tools are for the development of our society, without skilled people to use them it’s impossible to access the full benefits. Exciting, innovative solutions such as digital […]

What you need to know about incoming BIM standards

The introduction of Building Information Modelling (BIM) has fundamentally altered the infrastructure industry, providing new tools and techniques that offer tremendous benefits. A report by McGraw Hill Construction found that […]

Advance Steel – Create a Detail Callout on a General Arrangement Drawing

So you have an Intersection camera setup on a grid, and you have created the drawing using that camera. Now you need to put a detail drawing of a connection […]

Advance Steel – Explode to ACIS… quick

So you need to send a 3D DWG of your Advance Steel model, but the sub-contractor doesn’t have Advance Steel. One option is to explode the Advance Steel objects to […]

Checkout Filters in Advance Steel Multiuser

Background I had a customer who was working on a large multi-user model with a lot of objects. They had assigned the objects different groups in Project Explorer. The reason […]

Advance Steel – Add an extra Section Cut to an Assembly Drawing

So you have created an Assembly Drawing, but need to create an extra section cut to show a detail of a unique connection in the middle of the assembly. How […]

Advanced Copy Tool in Autodesk Advance Steel

Have you ever tried copying a Beam or Plate cut feature using the Copy tool and wondered why is this not working? Well the reason for that is Autodesk Advance […]
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